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Seating Source offers a different paradigm for the office chair and table market. Instead of adding layers and layers of costs for distribution centers, racking, forklifts, employees, showrooms, commissions to reps or rep groups, . . . and adding the average freight cost to send one item from one end of the country to the other, we eliminate them all. It’s all quite simple and common sense. If you eliminate most, if not all of the overhead costs, you’re going to buy at significantly less cost.

Today we have dealers in over 30 major cities throughout the Midwest and South. We know that if two dealers represent the same manufacturer in a market, for the most part they probably won’t respect the other’s specification . . . which is why every dealer has exclusive rights to their markets with Seating Source. For many of our dealers, our approach was initially a different way to buy chairs. Today, they won’t go back to the way it was. They like the margins. They win more jobs. They have a great answer for customers that want chairs or tables now. They love our quality. And they like being the exclusive dealer in their market.

Seating Source – a better way to buy chairs and tables


J620 Mid-Back Conference & Management Seating

J620 Mid-Back Conference

T230 Task chair

J510 Synchro-tilt

J510 Synchro-tilt



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